Finding your way: The science of success

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What is success to you? For each of us, what it means to be successful in our work and our personal lives might be very different. Where do we develop our concept of success, and how is it influenced by our environment and culture? How do we measure our success, both internally and relative to others? Do we value money, inner peace, or a Nobel Prize? Do we fear failure? And what price are we willing to pay to be successful? Are we prepared to exchange greater success at work for less time with family?

In this webinar we will address these questions with our expert panel, all of whom have experienced success, at least according to some measures. We will hear their personal stories about wins and losses, struggles and breakthroughs. They will help us examine our own thinking about what success means and what we might consider sacrificing or risking to reach our goals. We will also delve into what scientific research tells us about our desire for success and how satisfied we are when we achieve it. Join us for a fascinating discussion of both the science and the psychology behind success.


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