Coronavirus: A survival guide

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Discover our webinars broadcasted by Science Magazine

Fondation Ipsen and AAAS / Science magazine are continuing to partner for an exceptional series of scientific webinars in 2020. This exceptional webinar, on April 16th (11 am ET) will be focused on the Coronavirus outbreak, which has made us completely change our modern behaviors.

We are reinventing family relationships, work practices, exercise regimens, and socialization. This webinar uses the best scientific advice to guide you into this new life. We will examine the current conditions in which we find ourselves, putting our fears into context. We’ll discuss how to adapt to the new normal: spending more time with family, altered personal freedom, and potential changes in our jobs. How can we become more mentally resilient? What will things look like on the other side of the infection peak, biologically and psychologically?

Our world has changed dramatically. There is a growing appreciation for the value of science. Lean on us to learn how best to cope and to rise to the challenge of a new reality.


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This webinar will last for approximately 90 minutes.



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