6 months of progress on Covid-19

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Discover our podcast on History of Science and on health made by Florian and Yannick.

Welcome to this new episode of “our health! »… dedicated to the Covid-19 outbreak. To talk about it, we invited Prof. Christophe D’Enfert, Scientific Director of the Institut Pasteur.

The Institut Pasteur is in charge of the monitoring of respiratory viruses in France and has  been therefore at the front line from the first days. With our guest, we came back on the discoveries made during the first 6 months: sequencing, in vitro and in vivo tests, epidemiological studies, first vaccine trials. We look back on all those projects and progress that were made quickly and seriously, and which have made it possible today to better understand our common enemy and to better protect ourselves from it.


(In French Only)



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