Singularity: A philosophical concept of rare diseases

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Our projects

Singularity: A philosophical concept of rare diseases

In collaboration with the International College of Philosophy

Fondation Ipsen collaborates with the CIPH (“College International de Philosophie”), based in Paris to support an ambitious program that combines knowledge and thoughts, adressing a central question regarding rare diseases : Singularity.

To accomplish that mission, the CIPH and Fondation Ipsen offer 75 seminars per year (representing around 300 sessions) taught by PhDs, doctors, university professors or artists.

Link to all the seminars : www.ciph.org

Fondation Ipsen also participates in the publication of the journal « Rue Descartes », available in French and in English. The aim of this newspaper is to disseminate knowledge and interrogate readers to essential issues like rarity or human singularity.

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