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Ron DUDLEY (aka Pookanu)


Age: All ages  

Size: 210 x 148 mm 

Binding: Paperback 

Language: English 

First publication: December 2019 

Price: 5 USD 

ISBN: 978-2-490660-13-1  


“I came out of a supermarket in central Washington DC and a man in dark classes asked if I wanted to buy a street paper from him. The vendors of such papers are often homeless or surviving on minimal income. I asked the man if the paper was any good and he replied, “I wrote one of the poems.” I bought the paper and read the poem called, the Tree of Life. I was so moved that I traveled the streets of Washington for 2 days to find the vendor again. When I found him, I asked the poet Mr Ron Dudley if he would write a book of science poetry for Fondation Ipsen. Mr Dudley’s perspective on science is unique, and it is a privilege for Fondation Ipsen to bring this book to you.” 


James A. Levine (MD, PhD, Professor, Fondation Ipsen, President) 


Orphaned at a young age, Ron Dudley (aka, Pookanu) is 45 years old. He has written all his life and has many published poems. Evicted from his Washington, D.C. home 5 years ago, he is the father of three children and his ambition is to have a key and a lease.  

The book is available directly from the author on the streets of Washington, D.C. All of the sums collected are vested in him. 

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