Genie has an idea. A story about the genome

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Dr Élina ZUEVA


Age: from 4 years old

Pagination: 32 pages

Size: 210 x 210 mm

Binding: Hardback

Language: French

Publication: December 2019

Price: 8,90 €

ISBN: 978-2-914686-93-8


The Genome Kingdom consists of a single street, DNA Street. The Gene family lives there peacefully when one day, a bad Transposon wants to settle there. To make room for himself, he wants to destroy homes. Fortunately, Genie has an idea.

Researcher at the Institut Curie’s immunotherapy center, Elina Zueva focuses on regulatory signals, encoded by elements that can be transposed into immune cells.


Order printed book: https://www.actinart.com/index_fr.html

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