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Fondation Ipsen, under the aegis of Fondation de France, has the task of bringing to light knowledge about the detection of rare diseases.

Rare but

Not Alone

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Fondation IPSEN is a non-profit foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France, fully and philanthropically dedicated to its three missions:

  • Disseminate and adapt scientific knowledge for the general public
  • Recognise and help the new generation of scientists
  • Contribute to awareness and the resolution of major causes in society

All our actions are carried out transparently and respecting our ethical commitments to our donors and Fondation de France.

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Our Reach



Our original mission, launched in 1983, was to advance scientific knowledge in key areas of medical research. Over the years, we organized meetings of international specialists working in Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Longevity and Cancer Science, and award prizes for outstanding work in Science. Over this period, we organised 250 meetings, published over 100 reports and awarded 145 prizes.

A foundation under the aegis of Fondation de France

With nearly 50 years’ experience, Fondation de France is France’s largest philanthropy network. It brings together founders, donors, volunteer experts, experienced employees and thousands of associations, all committed and driven by the desire to take action. With players established across the nation, in rural areas as well as in cities, it has a direct understanding of the issues that matter on the ground.

Photo credit: T. Salva/Lumento, C. Charzat, T. Trossat, J-C.Hecquet et Fondation de France

Helping vulnerable people

“The economic crisis is widening gaps. People precarious, with disabilities, elderly, sick…the more fragile are first in line. Everywhere in France, the projects supported aim to reconstruct the social link, respecting the autonomy and dignity of the people.”

Developing knowledge

“To meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world, the Foundation of France encourages the development and dissemination of knowledge. Education, Culture, medical research, science and technology… All projects are the bearers of hope and progress.” 

Reconciling mankind with its environment

“Develop a new model of sustainable growth, respectful of the environment and future generations… This is the issue-key to the 21st century. First private funder French for the environment, the Foundation of France supports projects that build on the consultation, innovation and citizen engagement.”

Promoting philanthropy

“Sign of a dynamic civil society and responsible, the development of philanthropy is part of the missions of the Foundation of France. Objectives: to foster all forms of generosity, professionalize the operation of foundations, promote and share innovative practices, radiate the French philanthropy.”

Leadership team

Celine Colombier-Maffre

Director of Publications

Dominique Couzy

Head of Administration

Florian Delval

Head of International Relations

Dr. Yannick Tanguy​

Director of Scientific Communication

Pr. James A. Levine​


Emilia Garrigues

Project Leader

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